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Over 60 years of experience

Roy has been involved with an orphanage in Mexico for over 39 years. See more at the El Sauzal Orphanage site.

El Sauzal Orphanage's 50th Anniversary.

Roy Ketring with two adults who grew up at the Orphanage along with Josue and his dad Ramon.  

Left to Right are: Josue Espinoza Villavicencio, President of the Orphanage, next is Jose Angel Pulé Suarez, who grew up at the Orphanage, next Ramon Espinoza Sanchez, Co-Founder of the Orphanage and Josue’s dad, next is Raul Valente Reyna who also grew up at the Orphanage and then me. 

Roy Ketring   ●   U.S. contact for Orphanage

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Roy is the U.S. liaison for the El Sauzal Orphanage, near Ensenada, Mexico. He is also the president of the El Sauzal Foundation, Inc., a non-profit U.S. foundation that aids the orphanage.

El Sauzal Orphanage